Private Dog Training Solutions

We couldn’t recommend Serenity Dog Training enough! We purchased the 10 class package of private training sessions and Angela has been so fantastic. Until finding Serenity Dog Training, we struggled so much with training our 2 1/2 year old quarantine puppy. Our dog Badger is high energy, reactive and not well socialized. Angela had been so patient, working with us at Badger’s pace, and she has given us the tools to teach and train Badger. Her gentle, non-harming approach to dog training has not only helped us to manage Badger’s behaviors but also made our bond with Badger so much stronger.

Badger's Family

The Padawan: Puppy Program

Best for:

Puppies up to 18 weeks

Covers: Socialization, Manners foundations (sit, relax, come, etc.), Body Language, & Problem prevention (housetraining, chewing, biting, etc.)

Length: 4 sessions

Result: Less hassle for you because your pup learns how to live serenely in our crazy human world

Investment: $350

Doodle wearing a harness and sitting beside a person holding leash

The Jawa: Manners Foundations

Best for:

Dogs needing one-to-one for basic manners (too shy/excited for a group class, don’t like car rides, etc)

Dogs who pull on leash, jump up, counter surf, won’t come when called, etc.

Covers: Basic manners foundations/brush up or focused on a single simple issue

Length: 4 sessions

Result: A more enjoyable life for you with  your well-behaved dog

Investment: $395 

Angela has a natural talent for understanding pups & teaching us humans how to handle pups! She’s very personable and tailored our training to the issues we were dealing with. She’s very patient and loving with the pups and is very knowledgeable about ways to handle various issues in a kind way, treating your pet as a family member. I’d highly recommend her as a great way to understand training & understand your pup. Our little girl is a bundle of energy and she helped us figure out how to deal with her biting and jumping, and gave us some relaxation techniques too. She breaks thing down into small steps that you can implement.

Teacup's family

Throughout your training program, you get lots of guidance and support. I love and encourage questions! I want you to succeed!


Eskie laying in wicker basket with plaid blanket

The Ewok: Behavior Management Program

Best For:

Dogs and guardians preferring a more personalized basic manners program

Dogs having minor difficulty at the vet office or with grooming

Dogs who are mildly shy/fearful

Guardians not yet ready to commit to a longer behavioral program

Covers: Basic manners for any dog OR B-Mod Foundations & Management Strategies for a single behavior problem

Length: 6 sessions

Result: Less stress for you because your dog will be better behaved and you’ll understand the how & when of managing sticky situations that come up

Investment: $535

The Jedi: Behavior Modification Program

Best For:

Dogs having difficulty at the vet office or with grooming

Dogs who are extremely shy/fearful

Dogs who resource guard

Dogs who bark, growl, and lunge at dogs or cars

Covers: Behavioral Modification & Management Strategies for a single behavior problem

Length: 10 sessions

Result: Peace and serenity for you because you’ll have the knowledge and skills to navigate troubling situations. Less stress for your dog since they’ll have the confidence & skills to be successful out in the big scary world

Investment: $795

Angela worked through to teach me about dog behavior and Sally’s behaviors. She gave me positive tips on turning Sally’s anxiety into a game. Everything is a game!  Sally loved school. And Angela used technology to get the most out of our sessions. By video conference we were able to work with Sally on her behaviors in the home. This was powerful: like a house visit by the doctor to see the issue and adapt our home and responses to make a difference in Sally.

We have both learned a lot. Now with consistency we can game/train to continue to help Sally manage her anxiety responses. We’ve even gotten compliments on her behavior when hiking the trail!  Thank you Angela!


BehaviorCare: Behavior Modification Subscription

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Welcome to Serenity’s exclusive Dog Training Subscription – the key to a harmonious relationship with your furry friend. Consider it akin to having your own personal dog trainer on standby!

**What’s Included:**
– 2 one-to-one training sessions per month (Sessions can be conducted either in-person or virtually)
-Unlimited email support while the subscription is active
-Text support (limited) while the subscription is active
-Video review to support your learning journey

**Subscription Details:**
– Monthly billing until canceled
– Commitment: A minimum of 4 months (8 sessions)
– Results: Less stress, frustration, and embarrassment for you. More confidence, understanding, and calmness for your dog.

**Why Commit to 4 Months?**
Training is a journey, not a sprint. By investing in a minimum of 4 months, comprising 8 sessions, you’re ensuring a solid foundation for long-lasting positive changes in your dog’s behavior.

**Continuous Professional Support:**
While 4 months is the minimum commitment, the benefits of ongoing access to professional guidance are immeasurable. Maximize your investment by maintaining continuous access to expert support.

**Cancellation Policy:**
To provide flexibility, you can cancel your subscription at any time after the 4-month minimum. However, to avoid charges for the upcoming month, kindly cancel within 36 hours of the billing date. *Note: Sessions must be used within the month as they do not carry forward.

Angela really knows her stuff and she is a pleasure to work with.  She is very passionate about dog training and will guide you along to make you successful with your dog.  She has lots of resources and can point you in any direction that you need to go.

Charlie's family

Not quite ready to commit to a package?

I’ve got you covered!

Serenity’s virtual Initial Behavioral Consultation is 90 minutes dedicated to assessing your dog’s individual needs and quirks in addition to answering your questions about your dog’s behavior.

Although we will not be engaging in any training during the consultation, an initial customized plan covering skill-building, emotional regulation, and effective environmental management will be crafted to meet your dog’s specific needs.

For optimal results, training plans are designed to be implemented through a multi-session package or subscription. You’ll receive guidance to determine which options align best with your dog’s unique needs.

Should you choose to enroll in a package offering within one month of the consultation, $85 will be credited toward the package price.

Great dog training experience with Angela who helped us learn how to better manage developing behaviors with our rather stubborn Heeler/mix puppy of 4-5 months. Her techniques of positive reinforcement are very effective, especially for a rescue puppy.

Hank's family

How It All Works

If you’re within Two Harbors city limits (right in town: uptown, downtown, Segog, Harbor Hills) I can come to your home, we can meet within town, or meet virtually.

If outside city limits: We can meet virtually if you have a stable internet connection (click here for FAQ on virtual training) OR we can meet in town. I have limited availability of an indoor location or we can meet outdoors weather permitting.

Once you have paid for your package, we can then get you scheduled.

For most programs, the first session will be virtual to discuss expectations, set goals, and get you started on some foundational exercises.  Don’t worry, virtual’s way easier than you may think. Check out the FAQs to learn more about how virtual training works.

Then for the remaining sessions we will meet virtually or in-person every week or two to continue working on the goals we discussed at the initial session. Sessions typically run 45-60 minutes.

Throughout your program, you’ll be able to get questions answered, send video messages for feedback on practice sessions (highly recommended for maximizing your investment), and have access to written resources as well. If you have a preferred way of learning new information, just let me know and I’d be happy to accommodate as best I can.