Virtual Training FAQs

Curious about how virtual training works? Check out the Virtual Training FAQs. Got a question not listed? Contact me by using the button at bottom of page. I just might decide add your question to the list!

Will my dog be able to learn from virtual training?


Your dog learns faster because he’s most comfortable learning new stuff at home before you “take it on the road” to more distracting locations. And since your dog learns skills he needs in the environment he needs them, you see results faster!

But I need my dog to behave when we are at (fill in the blank). How can virtual help with that?

It’s easier for your dog to learn new skills in the safety of his own environment. Imagine learning to drive a car. Which would be an easier environment to begin in? The residential streets near home or the interstate in a big city during rush hour? Learning at home sets you and your dog up for success in the “real world”.

My dog is shy or fearful. How will virtual help him get past that?

Virtual training works extremely well for shy or fearful dogs because they get to learn in their own safe environment. Without the stress of being in a car, around strangers, or in an unfamiliar environment they can learn skills that will help them when they do go out in the world.

Dog looking towards a TV screen on wall showing a Zoom meeting in progress with dogs as the attendees

When and how will I get a link for our Zoom session?

I will email or text (your preference) the link a couple of days before our session. 

Can I get a recording of our session?

Yes. I record the sessions and will make them accessible to you in a shared Google folder. It’s a great way for you to keep track of everything we covered without needing to take notes!

Where can I do virtual training?


Using any internet-connected device that has a video camera and speakers, you can attend training sessions from anywhere. All you need is an open space roughly 5ft x 7ft. 

My dog needs learn how to behave around other dogs. How can virtual help with that?

Virtual training is great solution to this struggle. Before they play a game elsewhere, a football team first learns and practices their skills at “home. Likewise, by first learning and practicing new skills at home, you and your dog are better-equipped to work around other dogs.

Screenshot of Zoom dog training class in progress

The weather is bad? Is class cancled?

Since neither of us needs to drive anywhere, there is typically no need to cancel a class due to bad weather. 

I have multiple dogs. Can I train them all at same time?

Yes. I can design a custom group class for you. Each dog will need its own handler. 

I don’t think virtual is going to work for my particular dog or situation

Although there are always exceptions, virtual training works for the vast majority of families.

Imagine learning to swim. Do you start by diving off the high board or in the shallow end? 

By starting at home, without the distractions or stress of their triggers or a stranger in the home, you and your dog get to learn and practice the skills needed for the “deep end of the pool” (aka the real world).

What equipment do I need?

You need a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with a webcam, microphone and a stable internet connection.

What about my kids? Can they attend?


All human household members are encouraged to attend. Your dog will be able to learn faster when everyone knows how to teach new skills. That said, kids do need to be able to listen to/follow instructions as well as sit quietly if needed. Kids are typically great dog trainers and are quick to pick up how to teach a skill.

I’m quarantined due to COVID (or other illness). Now what?

No worries! Virtual is COVID safe! If you are feeling well enough, we can still meet. Rescheduling is done on a case-by-case basis as time permits.

How long is a virtual session? How often do we meet?

Classes or private sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long and are once or twice weekly.

What happens if Zoom is glitchy?

If technical difficulties arise that can’t be resolved in a reasonable time frame, then we will reschedule.

My spouse, kid, or other household members is out of town but still wants to be part of training. Can they join the session too?

Yes. I can send them an invitation to join us so they won’t miss out. Having all family members attend, except for very young children, is encouraged. 

Man sitting on couch with two dogs on his lap. He is looking at a laptop on the coffee table in front of him. Dog on his right is kissing his ear.